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Africa News Now - News Items from Around the Globe of Interest to the African Nations

Africa News Now

News Items from Around the Globe of Interest to the African Nations

Formula One for Africa?

Sports fans all over the world are once again getting excited about the upcoming F1 competition, and the associated thrilling addons, such as the F1 Paddock Club. With the first two races of the season already raced and won, the Fornula One competition of 2013 looks like being an amazing competition, according to my husband. This event brings huge amounts of money into a country but sadly since 1993, there has been no Formula One competition held in Africa.

bernie ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone


The first South African Formula One event took place in December 1962 in East London. After a few years the race noved to the fast Kyalami circuit, where it continued to be held until 1993.

In 1985, teams mainly opted to boycott the South African Grand Prix on account of apartheid. After apartheid ended in 1991, two more F1 events were held at the circuit, but when the South African Automobile Association bought the course in 1993, they decided it was to expensive to run the F1, and the South African F1 event was no more.In 2012, the boss of Formula One, Bernie Ecclestone said a new venue in South Africa could be on the cards, but as yet, nothing concrete has materialised.

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Holiday in Lilongwe

Looking for a unique vacation spot for you and the family? Well why not consider the destination of Lilongwe (25)Lilongwe?. The name of the city comes from the Lilongwe River and it is nestled in the central area of the nation, Malawi. Lilongwe is by far the largest city in the nation and is also the capital. Economic wise the city of Blantyre is still listed as the economic capital, however even Lilongwe is starting to replace that now. Lilongwe hotels tend to be excellent value for money and you will be treated as royalty for a very reasonable price.

City Centre is the most modern area in that location. At the City Centre there are many banks, international corporate offices, missions, airline offices and even exclusive hotels in this area, like the Sunbird Capital Hotel, Crossroads Hotel and even the Korea Garden Lodge.
Another area of interest in this location for tourism would be the Wild Life Centre. This is essentially a shelter for rescued and orphaned animals of the area. At this Centre you can find Bella the lion and Kambuku the leopard permanently residing there.

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The Obesity Problem and Africa

In the United States of America around 60 percent of the population are considered to be overweight, and a large number of them are obese. This trend has also spread to several other Western countries including the United Kingdom and Germany. Nutrition experts believe this is down to two main factors; the amount of processed foods eaten and also a lack of exercise. Daily movement in these countries has decreased considerably over the last decade as many jobs that previously required some manual work can now be achieved sitting at a computer. Housewive are more likely to earn money from the computer from home rather than going out to work, and children also spend many hours a day on the PC chatting to friends and playing games. It is no wonder obesoty is on the increase.

In Africa, fortunately our obesity problem is not nearly as huge, if you will pardon the pun. However, it definitely is on the increase, which is undoubtedly due to the increase of fast food outlets and other food products easily available based on American foods.

The bottom line is, if you are an African eating many burgers, pizza and soft drinks, just like our American friends, you can soon expect to become overweight and unhealthy. If this applies to you, check out this article. It explains a number of healthy habits to reduce weight and also get you moving more for many health benefits.

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Africans Doing Business Online

Although some of our African nations are still somewhat behind as far as internet access is concerned, many African companies are now realizing the power of the Internet to sell their products to a global audience.
European and North Americans have for centuries been fascinated by our colorful home decorations and clothing, as well as unusual ornaments; and for as long as foreign visitors have been visiting our shores, tradesmen have made a living from selling typical African wares. To get an idea about European home décor and perhaps find ways of making your items more attractive to foreign buyers, click here. Alternatively, take a look at this site to discover how our foreign friends decorate what they consider to be small rooms – you will find this article interesting, because a small room in the US is the size of many African homes that are designed to house a complete family.

Setting up a website is not difficult of you have access to a computer and internet access. There are many free platforms that allow to you to start a free website – with many examples to be found at weebly.com or blogger.com.

Settting up your website is actually the easy part – you then need to optimize it to make sure it ranks highly in the search engines. You can find an interesting article on how to do this on this website.

I recently had the pleasure of talking to a local tradesman in Kenya who had set up a website advertising his beautiful handcrafted souvenirs. He explained that his website had generated plenty of interest, and he receives many email enquiries a week from interested purchasers. The main problem he has is that he does not have a merchant account to accept payments, and some prospective buyers are not very enthusiastic about sending money through Western Union. However, it is expected that very soon Africans will be able to accept payments through Paypal, and withdraw the money into their bank accounts – a service that is already available in many parts of the world.



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New Website Comes On Board

We are pleased to announce that www.jlwebservices.com and The Property Buzz has now joined the Africa News group as our web services providers. Although they are based around business and financial news, they will provide hosting support along with internet marketing services. We would like to take this opportunity to welcome them on board and look forward to sa fruitful business relationship.

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Watch out for Zambia & Gabon, Renard warns ‘Big Guns.’

Chipolopolo Boys trainer Herve Renard has warned Group D big guns Cameroon and Tunisia to look out for Zambia and Gabon as the both countries are capable of upsetting the tables at the African Cup of Nations which kickoff this Sunday.
The Frenchman also said that his lads ‘are not going to Angola just to participate’ [...]…(read more)

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Africa: Underdogs Eye Angola 2010 Crown

All over Africa talks are on about who will eventually be crowned the African football kings. Defending champions Egypt, Ghana, Ivory Coast and the hosts Angola are tipped as favourites. Aside from the usual suspects vying for the title in Angola, there will be a select few who may have what it takes to upset a favourite on their day, and these teams create further excitement in a tournament that will already have the entire continent glued to their television sets and radios on match days.

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Diamond Sales Shelved – Investment Opportunities Grow

GOVERNMENT yesterday shelved the auction of 300 000 carats of diamonds by Mbada Diamonds to ensure that all requirements of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme are followed.It follows a strong surge in buying assets and property in South Africa as an alternative investment. On the back of this, many nationals are looking to the USA property markets and other international real estate opportunities in an effort to spread their wealth

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Jacob tipped to shine in Angola

Striker Jacob Mulenga has been singled out by Goal.com as one of the potential break out stars of the African Nations Cup in Angola.
Goal.com’s Holland based journalist Tommy Vaneldik has monitored the former Afrisport striker’s progress in the Dutch Eredivisie since making his switch from French ligue 2 side Berrichonne Chateauroux at the start of [...]…(read more)

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70,000 Jobs Created, Says Investments Body

OVER 70,000 new jobs will be created from the projects registered by the Uganda Investment Authority last year.

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Presidency on spouses of Jacob Zuma

Clarity on the spouses of the President

6 January 2010

The Presidency has noted media reports and speculation
following the wedding of President Jacob Zuma to Ms Tobeka
Madiba-Zuma and wishes to clarify a few points.

The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 and
the public service regulations do not make provision for a
First Lady or First Ladies, and there is no such official

However, as has been the practice in past adminis

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Presidency on presidential pardons

Process regarding presidential pardons

6 January 2010

The Presidency has noted the media reports and commentary
relating to possible presidential pardons.

The President of the Republic is empowered by Section 84 (2)
(j) of the Constitution to pardon or reprieve offenders. The
Department of Justice and Constitutional Development
routinely receives the applications for processing and
forwards these to the Presidency for consideration by the
head of stat

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Under-20 starlets off to Russia

Cosafa Youth Championship player of the tournament and Lusaka Dynamos teenage sensation Stanley Nshimbi and three other players from the title winning Zambia under-20 squad have left the country for trials in Moscow, Russia to participate in the CIS Cup which features league Champions from former Soviet (USSR) states.
Kabwe Warriors’ left back Stephen Kabamba, Chifubu [...]…(read more)

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Opposition Watch: Zambia’s group D opponents

Chipolopolo’s Group D opponents are busy preparing in different parts of the World. West African countries Gabon and Cameroon have set base in South Africa and Kenya respectively while the 2004 Champions, Tunisian national began its training in Abu Dhabi, as part of its preparations for the 2010 Africa Cup of Nations which will take [...]…(read more)

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Controversial Diamonds Go on Sale

About 300 000 diamond carats from Chiadzwa diamond fields go under the hammer today in the first formal trade of the precious mineral since Government moved in to normalise mining at the minefields.

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